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ALN Rhondda Report

Whether you are a parent seeking insights into your child’s educational journey, an educator looking to enhance your teaching strategies, or a policymaker aiming to shape the future of inclusive education in Rhondda, reading this report is a crucial step toward fostering a more inclusive and equitable learning environment for all students.


Meet Buffy

Elizabeth ‘Buffy’ Williams

My name is Elizabeth ‘Buffy’ Williams, but most people call me Buffy. I’m delighted to be your Rhondda representative in the Senedd. I loved growing up in the Rhondda and I’m proud to be a Rhondda Girl. I started work at 16 while also studying at night school, and have worked and volunteered ever since. I’m married with three wonderful children and living in Pentre.

In 2016 I set up my own Charity in the Rhondda. Working at a grassroots level has taught me that life is quite different for everyone, we are not all equal and I strive for a day when equal rights actually mean just that and we can all reside in a fairer society.

Working with Chris Bryant MP and Team Rhondda Councillors we will make sure the Rhondda is one of the best places to grow up, and ensure young people can access opportunities to progress in both education and employment.


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I Can’t promise to fix every issue. What I do promise is to give 100% and to try my very best!


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